Chatspin’s Safety Strategies

Some of the steps taken to enhance safety on Chatspin include:

Anonymous Chat

Anonymity protects your identity, personal details, and security while using Chatspin. To this end, we do not require any personal details from you to enjoy the video chat platform. You can enjoy many of our features without creating an account!

Enhanced Anonymity with AR Face Filters

A recent addition to Chatspin, AR Face Filters allow you to apply effects in real-time which hide some or all of your face while chatting. Our platform was the first in the world to apply these effects on a desktop video chat, offering additional personal security and safety.

Gender/Geographical Filters

Another safety feature on Chatspin is the ability to filter connections by location or gender. This ensures that you will only connect with people that you feel comfortable meeting. For example, a female user who is tired of unwanted male attention can choose to connect only with other females, enhancing her personal safety while using our video chat app.

Machine Learning Software

Rolled out across our mobile and desktop apps in late 2018, our machine learning software scans for and flags users who are violating our terms of use. Flagging and banning users who are violating our terms of use creates a safer and more fun environment for all users.

“Safety is something we truly care about and will continue to develop ensuring all users enjoy the best possible experience on our platform.”

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